Ceva Pentosan Gold Injection

Ceva Pentosan Gold Injection


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Anti-arthritic and Chondroprotective Combination of PPS and Acetyl Glucosamine

Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium 123 mg/ml and NAG (Acetyl Glucosamine) 200 mg/ml

Pentosan Gold Injection for Horse contains Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (PPS)which stimulates joint healing and repair, and reduces inflammation to help reverse the effects of osteoarthritis, as well as NAG (Acetyl Glucosamine) a newly approved and more advanced form of glucosamine that has been shown to improve glycosaminoglycan and hyaluronic acid synthesis compared to glucosamine (shikhman AR et al 2009). Pentosan Gold possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and chondroprotective properties. these beneficial effects arise from direct anti-inflammatory activity, inhibition of neutrophil migration into joints, stimulation od hyaluronic acid synthesis by synovial fibroblasts which results in a marked increase in synovial fluid volume and viscosity; and a strong fibrinolytic activity which improves the circulation in subchondral bone and periarticular structures.
Treatment using the combination of anti-arthritic agents Pentosan polysulfate Sodium and NAG (Acetyl Glucosamine)in Pentosan Gold may result in a great anti-inflammatory effect than either active alone (Heinecke LF et al 2010, Data on File), which helps reduce joint swelling and improve mobility (Data on File).
A field trial was conducted to compare the response to PPS alone with Pentosan Gold (PG)in horses. Twenty one field cases, presented to veterinarians for joint disease were used. In this the response to PG was superior to PPS alone when treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis. The improvements in the measured variables, response time, effusion, flexion and overall response were higher for PG than for PPS indication a greater anti-arthritic effect overall. This difference was significant for overall response, with 91% of horses having a "very good" or "good" response to PG compared to only 33% with a "very good" or "good" response for PPS. The response time was also significantly faster for PG, with horses responding within 1.7 weeks compared to 2.4 weeks for PPS. There was a tendency for a greater improvement in the flexion response with PG, with 66.6% horses showing an improvement compared to only 20% with PPS. Also there were a large number of horses which showed reduced joint effusion for PG, 89% overall compared with 37.5% for PPS. Overall horses treated with Pentosan Gold showed great improvements in the symptoms of joint disease than horses treated with PPS alone ( McConaghy and Perkins 2012).

To aid the treatment of non-infectious, inflammatory joint disease in horses. In particular :
1. Osteoarthritis - especially with involvement of multiple joints
2. Osteochondrosis dissecans
3. Traumatic joint and peri-articular inflammation

3mg/kg Pentosan polysulfate sodium, 4.8 mg/kg Acetyl-Glucosamine (12 mL/500 kg horse)on four occasions with an interval of 5-7 days between injections.
Administer by intramuscular injection.
Dosage Guide:
Horse Bodyweight      Dose Volume
     400 kg                        9.6 mL
     450 kg                      10.8 mL
     500 kg                      12.0 mL
     550 kg                      13.2 mL
     600 kg                      14.4 mL

Contraindications : Use in horses with clotting defects, traumatic haemorrhage, infection, liver/kidney failure or within 2 days fo surgery.
Should not be administered to horses within 24 hours of high stress activities or where physical injury may occur. Avoid concurrent treatment with anticoagulant drugs.
Meat Withholding Period (Horses): 28 Days.

Store below 25C (Air Conditioning). Do not freeze. Protect from light.

Brand. CEVA