Equine Products EveryDay Electrolyte

Equine Products Everyday Electrolyte


About the product

Everyday Electrolyte

Economical & derived from loss of electrolytes in horses sweat
A highly effective specification derived from the actual loss of electrolytes in horse sweat and formulated for long-term daily use.
A 50g measure replaces electrolytes lost in 2.5 litres of sweat, during exercise, very hot conditions, travel or after a race or competition.
- Formulation derived from composition of equine sweat
- Palatable flavour
- Assists with the movement of glucose to cells for energy metabolism
- Economical – 400 measures per 20kg tub and can be used for every horse everyday

ANALYSIS (per 100g)
Sodium Chloride 23g
Magnesium Sulphate 9g
Potassium Chloride 7g
Sodium Bicarbonate 4.75g
Dextrose 3.25g
Calcium Carbonate 3g
Access to fresh drinking water is vital when feeding this product.

Daily Feeding Instructions
Horses = 50g (one measure)
Ponies = 25g (half measure)

Size :

20 Kg
Brand. Equine Products