Equine Products Sand Shifter

Equine Products Sand Shifter


About the product

Sand Shifter

Psyllium – assists removal of sand and soil particles in the gut.

Sand Shifter contains pysllium husk powder, a revolutionary bulk forming natural fibre derived from pysllium seed.
Once in the horse’s digestive tract, pysllium forms a fibrous gel which adheres to the sand particles preventing them from staying in the gut and causing potential blockages. Its bulk forming capacity encourages movement by peristalsis, aiding the removal of blockages from the horse’s digestive tract.
Aniseed flavouring normally irresistible to horses has been added to increase palatability.
- Contains kaolin to aid the whole digestive process
- Specially formulated for horses or ponies grazing sandy loams or short grass
- Highly palatable, assists in easing the movement of sand particles through the gut
- Unique aniseed flavouring irresistible to horses

ANALYSIS (per kg)
Pysllium husk Powder 629g
Aniseed flavouring

Daily Feeding Instructions
For a 500kg horse feed 150g of powder for 4-5 days.
Once the sand particles have been eased through the gut the horse may require feeding for a further 2-3 weeks to rid the colon of sand.
For horses grazing sandy loams or short cropped grass, feed 50g twice daily for seven consecutive days, once every 3-4 weeks or as directed by your veterinary surgeon

Size :

4 kg
Brand. Equine Products
Special Price KWD21.000 Regular Price KWD24.800