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Fits Womens Techtreads Technology Breeches

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Techtreads Technology Breeches

TECHTREADS BREECH features FITS All Season Lite fabric, a light weight version of our patented PerforMAX™ all season fabric, for cool summer riding, and 16% Lycra for anti-fatigue muscle compression, camouflaging cellulite and shedding hay, shavings, and dirt. It also features our patented crotch gusset for maximum comfort. Dark colors are anow also UPF 50+.

FITS TECHTREADS rubberized full seat power-pattern brings nuanced performance to new levels. The pattern was created from the study of human movements in the saddle with inspiration from shoe tread technology. The result is a pattern that maximizes grip where riders need it, minimizes it where they don’t, and provides a balance between the two in areas where you want ‘moveable grip’.

TECHTREADS INK provides the absolute best grip possible with printed fabric. We worked with ink makers and printers to source a new ink that meets FITS exacting standards. Even better, the ink is environmentally friendly!

FABRIC CARE is fabulous - machine wash warm, tumble dry low and ride again!

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