Farnam Super 14™

Farnam Super 14™


About the product

Super 14™

Healthy Skin and Coat Supplement
Help your horse look and feel his best with Super 14™ Healthy Skin & Coat Supplement. Specifically created for a beautiful, glossy coat. Horses love the taste and it also works for dogs!
- Produces a sleek, shiny coat in 30 days
- Supports normal shedding
- Helps maintain normal moisture content of skin
- Contains protein, methionine, vegetable fat, fiber, ash, selenium and vitamins A, E and B6
- Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

Feeding Directions
Enclosed scoop holds 1 tablespoon
For Horses: Feed 2-3 tablespoons of Super 14™ Healthy Skin and Coat Supplement twice daily with the feed - once in the morning and once again in the evening. Sprinkle over the feed or mix.
For Dogs and Cats: Sprinkle Super 14™ Healthy Skin and Coat Supplement over the pet’s ration once each day in the proper amount indicated below.

Weight of Pet      Amount Per Day
Up to 15 lbs       1/2 level Tablespoon
15 to 30 lbs        1 level Tablespoon
30 to 60 lbs        2 level Tablespoons
Over 60 lbs       3 level Tablespoons
For horses and dogs with coats in particularly poor condition, feed twice the recommended level for the first two weeks and then reduce to the usual level.
Dogs and Cats – This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.
CAUTION: Follow label directions. The addition to feed of higher levels of this premix containing selenium is not permitted.

Size :

6.5 lbs.