Global Medics Muscle-Care

Global Medics Muscle-care


About the product


After a period of rest or reduced training there is a natural loss of muscle tissue and stamina. Muscle-Care stimulates the production of muscle tissue. A good building upof the muscles is produced by optimising training and nutrition. The best results are therefore obtained by combining Muscle-Care with a balanced training regime. Muscle-Care supports not only the production of muscles but also improves the transport of energy and oxygen to the muscles.

When is Muscle-Care used?
- After long periods of rest
- In the final stage of rehabilitation
- In young stallions, as preparation for inspections
- In sport horses to optimise performance
- Young horses with little muscle mass

Muscle-Care contains all the nutrients needed for supporting the muscles and improving energy production. The presence of high concentrations of amino acids such as L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine ensures accelerated build-up of muscles and increases the transport of energy to the muscles. The amino acid L-carnitine reduces muscle fatigue and increases the supply of nutrients to the muscles. Proteins and amino acids are essential building blocks for the production of new muscle cells and for strengthening muscle mass. B-vitamins are the most important vitamins for good muscle growth and have a positive effect on the use of energy by the muscles.

1 [1 oz] 40 g scoop per horse per day mixed in with the feed
2 to 3 scoops can be administered 3 days before the competition in order to optimise the effect

2kg [4 lb 6 oz] bucket