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Global Medics Lacta-fort


About the product


Muscles need energy. With major, explosive bursts of exertion, energy is produced from sugars. In this rapid anaerobic cycle (without oxygen), however, lactic acid is produced. With heavy exertion the muscle cells also often become damaged. This in combination with the forming of lactic acid can cause stiffness, muscle twitching, reduced performance and in extreme cases even tying up. Lacta-Fort contains high doses of natural endogenous substances to support muscle metabolism and optimise the energy process. Lacta-Fort is also often used when the horse is being transported for a long time. The horses arrive at their destination without any muscle stiffness, which is crucial for optimum performance.

When is Lacta-Fort used?
-  Before, during and after heavy exertion
-  In competitions lasting several days
-  Before, during and after being transported for a long time

Lacta-Fort contains a number of ingredients, such as Pangamic acid, B-vitamins, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine and Beta-alanine, which increase the supply of oxygen and the transport of energy to the muscles, as a result of which energy availability increases. This results in a reduction in the production of lactic acid and the (muscle) fatigue that goes with it. The presence of alpha lipoic acid increases the regeneration and recovery of the muscle tissue and reduces oxidative stress.

In horses that are exposed to heavy exertion a combination of Lacta-Fort and P-Block is recommended.

Mix 1 sachet of 30gr [1 oz] in the feed the evening before the competition and 1 sachet the day after 3 to 4 hours before the competition.
10-day course of treatment

Box with 10 sachets of 30g [1 oz]