Brovapharma DAE-Vit

Brovapharma Dae-vit


About the product


emulsion for injection

1 ml contains:
vitamin A — 100 000 IU
vitamin D3 — 40 000 IU
vitamin E — 20 mg

Liquid of light yellow or amber color.

Pharmacological properties
Fat-soluble vitamins A, D3 and E in a physiological ratio provide a complex effect on animals — normalize the metabolism, are effective in the treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis and complications developing against their background.
Vitamin A is involved in redox reactions. By inhibiting the activity of insulin, it affects the carbohydrate and fat metabolism, activates the metabolism of calcium and magnesium, is part of the lipid layer of cell membranes, maintains the elasticity of the cell membranes, improves the functioning of the organs of vision, skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, uterus, stimulates sperm and oogenesis, the growth of embryos, the onset of puberty, the synthesis of sex hormones.
Vitamin D3 is involved in the exchange of calcium and phosphorus, regulates their content in the blood and bone tissue, provides their physiological balance in the body, affects the tissue respiration and oxidation of carbohydrates. With a decrease in the calcium content in the blood of animals, it provides a transition from bone tissue.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that regulates oxidation during protein biosynthesis, provides the metabolism of ATP, provides stability and activity of the epithelium of mucosal reproductive system, GIT and conjunctiva. In males, it improves spermatogenesis, and in females — fertilization and embryonic development of the fetus.
The combination of vitamins A, D3 and E increases the resistance of the animal organism and prevents the occurrence of rickets and osteomalacia.

Treatment and prevention of A and D-hypovitaminosis in farm and small home animals, of alimentary and secondary osteodystrophy, postnatal hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia, pre- and postnatal long lie, alimentary dystrophy, retention of afterbirth, subinvolution of uterus, bone fractures. The drug is used in diseases which are accompanied by violation of the absorption and metabolism of vitamins A and D, calcium and phosphorus (gastroenteritis, hepatodystrophy, hepatitis, ketosis, glomerulonephritis, deficiency of manganese, cobalt, strontium).
It is indicated in periods of increased need for nutrients, especially for animals in highly stressful situations, as well as the decline in productivity, which appear due to transport, veterinary measures, changes in the composition of food, high temperatures; pregnancy (only in the second half) and during lactation, disorders of the reproductive function; at infectious and parasitic diseases; decreases in productivity, gain weight and grow animals, declining fertility and hatching eggs weakening of shell eggs.

Do not administer simultaneously with corticosteroid hormones, glycosides and tetracyclines.

Administration and dosage
Shake well before use.
Preventively the drug is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously once every 7 days (5-6 injections for cows, 3-5 injections for other animals). Therapeutically the drug is administered intramuscularly once in 5 days until the recovery (5-8 injections), then in the future (if necessary) the drug is administered in prophylactic doses. For hens it is fed orally with water or food for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes within 2-3 weeks. Doses in accordance to content of vitamin D are indicated in the table:

Animals       Dose, ml/per animal
                  preventive care     therapy
Dry cows     1.8-2              2.5-4
Milking cows   3                3.5-5
Young cattle (per 100 kg b.w.)   1-1.2    1.5-2
Seed bulls (per 100 kg b.w)   2-2.5     5-6
Pregnant mares   1-1.2       2
Lactating mares 1.5        2.3-3.5
Foals at the age of 6-12 months   0.5     1-1.5
Horses at the age of 1-2 years   0.7     1.5-2
Sows at the second half of pregnancy   0.4-0.5    1-1.5
Lactating sows    0.5-0.6    1.5-2.8
Piglets with weight 10-50 kg    0.15-0.2    0.4-0.5
Pregnant ewes    0.2     0.4-0.5
Lactating ewes 0.3    0.5-1
Lambs, goatlings at the age of 4-6 months    0.1      0.25
Goats    0.15-0.2    0.4-0.5
Rabbits    0.1    0.2
Dogs     0.1-0.2     0.2-1
Hens (orally)   0.05    0.5-1.2

While using the drug animal rations for calcium, phosphorus, zinc, cobalt, copper and manganese must be balanced.
Meat and milk can be consumed without restrictions.

Store in a dry, dark place in the packaging of manufacturer at a temperature from +4 °C to +15 °C.
Shelf life after first opening of the vial — 30 days.

Vials of dark glass of 100 ml.