Kentucky Sheepskin Shipping Halter Neck Piece

Kentucky Sheepskin Shipping Halter Neck Piece

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About the product

Sheepskin Shipping Halter Neck Piece 

This neck piece is meant for our Sheepskin Shipping Halter.

What’s Special
For safety reasons, if a horse were to panic, the halter will break at the point where you attach the halter to the side of the head. If this were to happen, we sell these to easily replace the broken neck piece of your halter.

Fabrics & Materials
The halter is made of very strong nylon in combination with our new artificial sheepskin which is attached directly onto the nylon. These materials make this halter very light.

Shape & Size
The neck piece fits full, cob and pony halters.

Care Guide
Machine Washable
Most of our products are machine washable at 30 degrees. However, we recommend washing it as infrequently as possible and using our protective washing bags in order to maintain quality over the long term. We also recommend using professional machines (larger capacity) to limit damage due to the drum of the normal washing machine. To dry it, simply put it outside on a sunny day. The dryer is not recommended. 

Washing Instructions
Wash at 30°C



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