Mattes Sheepskin Half Pad

Mattes Sheepskin Half Pad

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Mattes Half Pad

Correction Half Pad with trim in front and rear, skin in cushion area

Always a good choice is the MATTES half pad with skin in cushion area and trim front and rear. And with a 2 pocket CORRECTION®-System. ausgestattet, For each pocket we supply three felt inserts (POLY-FLEX®), each 5 mm thick, with printing properties similar to those of a good new saddle padded with wool and horsehair. quilt, binding tape, top tape and velcro: black

With lambskin in Super Premium quality
The MATTES half pad with correction system in the following version:

Product details:
Style: choose between dressage, jumping and all-purpose
Size: choose between M and L
Quilt: black
Toptape: black
Binding tape: black
With velcro black
Lambskin trim in front and rear
Skin in cushion area SPINEFREE®
Lambskin colour: choose between, black, light yellow (natural) and graphit
2 pocket Correction System incl. 3 inserts per pocket (a total of 12 inserts are included)



As low as KWD70.000