Antares Precision Leather Breastplate for Double Flap Saddle

Antares Precision Leather Breastplate For Double Flap Saddle

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About the product

Precision Leather breastplate for double flap saddle

Breastplate with removable, elastic long bridge. It maintains and balance the saddle while limiting the tension and allowing optimal freedom of the shoulders.

Attaches to the girth straps on both sides of the saddle by a 4” elastic loop on adjustable leather straps.
Padded shoulder parts, shaped and adjustable for optimal comfort and freedom.
Adjustable breast part, fitted with 2 D rings to fasten training aids or martingale attachment, stainless steel snap to attached to the girth.

Antarès bridlework line is made in French full grain leather especially selected and developed for Antares by the tannery Arnal in Rodez France.
Width and density of the hides are strictly controlled and the vegetable tanning process, based on chestnuts, is especially developed for bridlework to insure its longevity and avoid stretching. Except from pigmentation, the leather grain is not altered during tanning and finishing
processes to guarantee its exclusive softness and resistance.

Stainless Antarès buckles
Oiled before shipping
Delivered in an Antarès bag

Sold without running martingale attachment

Brand. Antares


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