Antares Evolution-D saddle calfskin Leather

Antares Altair Sc3 Saddle

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About the product

Altaïr jumping saddle

The Altaïr jumping saddle comes with a deep seat providing great pelvic engagement. The narrow twist ensures a correct leg position. 

The Altaïr jumping is perfectly adapted for beginners and riders who are learning riding aids. The Altaïr jumping saddle comes with a semi-deep seat providing great pelvic engagement. The narrow twist ensures a great leg position. These characteristics are making it a saddle adapted to instruction or for riders without a steady seat.

The tree is made with laminated beech wood and reinforced with steel strips.

Altaïr jumping saddle technical specifies
Demi-deep seat
Laminated wooden tree
One density injected foam panels
Grained leather finish
Calfskin knee rools and seat
Standard blocks
Brown or Black

Saddle soap 
To preserve the natural suppleness and flexibility of the leather of your saddle, clean it after every ride with a damp sponge. 

Leather conditioner 
Use our conditioner once or twice a month, depending on how often you use your saddle, to moisturize the leather. Spread out the product evenly over your entire saddle with a sponge or clean tissue.

Leather oil 
You don't have to oil your saddle for the first year. Then apply our oil once or twice a year, always based on how often you ride, to soften and nourish the leather. To do this, apply the product with a paintbrush. 

Our products have been developed to match with your saddle’s needs. If you are using other products, it's really important to check they are designed for your leather saddle. For this, soap, conditioner and oil should be aniline leather-friendly. 

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