Antares Fleece Rug

Antares Fleece Rug


About the product

Fleece blanket

280 gram fleece blanket to keep your horse warm and cosy. Ideal for use after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug. Its stylish design makes it the perfect show rug too!

Tafta chest lining provides the horse with freedom to move.
Synthetic sheep reduces the risk of rubbing on the collar for sensitive horses.
The front fastening and tail cord keep the rug in place.
Its classic cut and elegant details make it timeless.

Fleece Blanket Finishes
Grey Antarès branding embroidery on left rump
"Antarès" embroidery on both sides of rug front
Leather chest clasp (buckle) with saddle nail
Removable elasticated chest strap with side release buckle
Embroidered tail cord

Fully-trimmed in polycotton grey braid
Quilted synthetic sheep collar
Lining: tafta

Fleece Blanket Washing Instructions
Using a brush such as a dandy brush or a vacuum cleaner, remove as much dirt as possible (hair, shavings, sand, etc.) before washing your blanket.
Put your fleece blanket in the washing machine, 30 degrees maximum. Do not use a dryer.
Let it air dry.
If you won't be using your fleece blanket for a long time, put it in a bag and then store it in a clean and dry place.

Color : Navy

Size : 145cm

Brand. Antares