Antares Precision Crystal Browband

Antares Precision Crystal Browband

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About the product

Precision Crystal browband

The Precision Crystal browband has been specially designed to add a refined side to your bridle. With its snap buttons, this leather frontal combines elegance and efficiency. This frontal follows the shape of your horse’s forehead thanks to its anatomical shape for optimal comfort. 

The Precision Crystal browband for a touch of elegance
The browband has an anatomical cut and a system of snap buttons on the sides, to facilitate its use so you can interchange different Antarès crystal browbands in no time. Simply remove the snap button on the side to quickly change your browband without disassembling completely the bridle. To make sure it fits properly, check out our article.

It is composed of strass to bring elegance to your look.

Finishes and leather of the Précision Crystal browband
Lateral snap button signed "Antarès"
Oiled before shipment
Available in different colors: black or brown leather, and black/silver strass or rose gold strass

Size Guide: 
Size 1 = 42cm
Size 2 = 45cm
Size 3 = 47cm

A French leather 
Our leather is carefully selected. Indeed, we chose high quality and ecological French leather. In addition, the thickness but also the density and durability of our leathers are particularly controlled.

A specific vegetable tanning based on chestnut has been specially developed for this tack. This technique aims to ensure to our leathers an excellent stability and longevity. It also improves its resistance.

The leather used for our products comes exclusively from the food industry and is recycled into an exceptional product.

How to maintain your Precision Crystal browband ? 
Saddle soap 
To maintain the leather strength and suppleness, clean your browband after each use. Apply our product with a damp sponge. 

Leather conditioner 
Once or twice a month, moisturize your clean leather with the conditioner. To do this, use a clean tissue or sponge. 

Leather oil
Once or twice a year, soften your leather browband with our leather oil. Apply the product with a brush.

Brand. Antares


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