Antares Precision Rubber Reins with Elastic

Antares Precision Rubber Reins With Elastic

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About the product

Precision rubber reins with elastic

Elastic reins helping horse relaxation and standstill on the bit young horses.

The part made of elastic is shorter than the leather part in order to give a better softness on the horse' mouth. The side elastics protect the horse's mouth from possible brutal or not well performed hand actions.

This is the perfect product for a rider with a raw hand. The contact will be made first by the elastic, the relation with the horse' mouth is softer.

For more complicated situations, the leather part helps for a stronger contact.

Corrective actions, especially for jumping : it prevents from the absence of contact with the horse's mouth. For example if the rider moves his hands too far when approaching the fence.

They improve the comfort and stability of the contact between the horse's mouth and the hand, whatever the level of the rider.

Brand. Antares


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