Kentucky Nylon Sheepskin Halter Soft

Kentucky Nylon Sheepskin Halter Soft


About the product

Nylon Sheepskin Halter Soft

Even more stylish and comfortable, the Nylon Sheepskin Halter Soft gives your horse an extremely chic look thanks to the artificial sheepskin.
- Strong nylon halter covered with vegan sheepskin (100% animal-friendly)
- Easy to open and close thanks to the carabine hook on the cheek
- Perfect for transport or sensitive horses
- Anatomically shaped around the nose and behind the ears

What’s special
The Nylon Sheepskin Halter Soft is even more stylish and provides even more comfort for the horse. The extra wide pieces of artificial sheepskin on the nose, behind the ears and on the cheeks make this halter perfect for sensitive horses or during transport.

Fabrics & Materials
The halter is made of nylon. On the nose, behind the ears, and on the cheeks, artificial sheepskin is sewn onto the nylon. The halter features a gold-coloured plate with our engraved logo. This plate can be turned around and engraved with your horse's name. All the buckles are gold-coloured and therefore match our leads perfectly.

Shape & Size
The halter is anatomically shaped around the nose and behind the ears. Thus, the pressure on the horse's head is better distributed.

The size of the halter can be adjusted on both sides. The small carabine hook on the cheek makes it easy to remove the halter.

Care Guide
Machine Washable
Most of our products are machine washable at 30 degrees. However, we recommend washing it as infrequently as possible and using our protective washing bags in order to maintain quality over the long term. We also recommend using professional machines (larger capacity) to limit damage due to the drum of the normal washing machine. To dry it, simply put it outside on a sunny day. The dryer is not recommended. 

Specifications Arrow
Measurements : Width 180mm, Height 90mm, Length 300mm
Weight : 0.607kg
Material : Vegan Sheepskin
Use : For transport , Shows , Stable
Soft for the skin : Yes
Anatomically designed :    Yes

Washing instructions Arrow
- No dryer
- Wash at 30°C

COLOR : Natural

SIZE : Full