Stübben Airflow Brushing Boots

Stübben Airflow Brushing Boots

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Stübben Airflow Brushing Boots

Designed with our unique, flexible Storm EVA carbon palm. Ergonomically shaped and die-pressed with perforations for a contoured fit.

Lightweight, durable and protective these are the most luxurious all round boots! The super soft lining prevents rubbing & evens out pressure. Supports against brushing knocks.

The Airflow impact mesh has a unique lamination to allow maximum transference of heat, with 360° ventilation for ultimate performance.
The brushing boots are equipped with a sturdy and easy to open and close velcro fastening system, providing a perfect hold. (Size M: 2 velcro fasteners, sizes L & XL: 3 velcro fasteners)
These boots offer exceptional quality and value, washing machine friendly (gentle cycle with low temperature) but just as easy to wipe over.

Size guide
Small horse up to 155 cm fine legs front and hind size M
Small horse up to 155 cm stocky legs front and hind size M
Horse 156 - 168 cm fine legs front size M, fine legs hind size L
Horse 156 - 168 cm stocky legs size L, stocky legs hind size L
Horse 169 cm+ fine legs front size L, fine legs hind size XL
Horse 169 cm+ stocky legs front size XL, fine legs hind size XL

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