Stübben Gravity Over Reach Boots Fleece lined

Stübben Gravity Over Reach Boots Fleece Lined

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About the product

Stübben Gravity Over Reach Boots Fleece lined

Many over reach boots have tried and failed to stop rotation during exercise. At Stübben and Evolution we decided to change to rules on tradition and design a boot that is effective regardless!
The ultra hard wearing kevlar straps naturally rotate to the lowest point, and are in position to protect from over reaches.

The luxurious faux fleece collar is perfect to protect from rubs and is washing machine friendly. The main body is made from our unique EVA carbon, die-pressed for an unrivalled lightweight, durable and protective boot.
These are perfect partners to our Fleece lined Storm brushing boots.

Size guide:
Horse size up 155 cm size M
Horse size 165 - 168 cm size L
Horse size ab 169 cm+ size XL

Brand. Stübben


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