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Jin Short Spurs

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Short Length Spurs

At Jin Stirrup we pride ourselves on providing an individual, beautifully designed product with a difference. Again offering 100% engineered, designed and made spurs of quality. Worn alone or paired with our gorgeous Stirrup
range dress up your boot in style. Jin Stirrup spurs provide a long, medium and short option depending on your horses needs and training requirements. Enjoy the point of difference and style.

This Spur is also unique and like the short and medium length spur the long spur is the ‘first in the world’ that comes from aluminium billet. It’s main feature is its lightness. Not to mention you are buying a spur of quality that lasts.

An option is also available to personalise your spurs ! Contact your Official Australian Distributor Genevie to arrange this. (Applies to all spur lengths)

Brand. JIN


As low as KWD26.000