JMD Laminitix 12mm Front Side Clip

Jmd Laminitix 12mm Front Side Clip

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JMD Laminitix front 2 clips MICHEL VAILLANT

Moves the bearing surface back onto rear part of foot + frog support.
Model designed by Professor Jean-Marie Denoix. Heart bar shoe with open toe. The wide rear surface that runs under the heels and provides ground bearing surface on the frog. Front shape. Made from hi-tech aluminium alloy. Non-tempered alloy: can be used for risk-free hot shoeing up to 450°C. 2 lateral clips. Thickness 12 mm.

PRINCIPLE AND INTERACTION WITH THE GROUND : Bar-shoe with transversal piece providing wide ground bearing surface to support the rear part of the foot. Frog ground bearing surface to support the foot under the frog. No ground bearing surface in the toex. The toe opening provides an access to treat sole necrosis. Injecting hard silicon (MV2-50A) in the foot’s rear provides better load distribution on the cross piece.

BIOMECHANICAL AND KINETHERAPEUTIC EFFECTS : Transfers weight-bearing to the rear of the foot. Supports the distal phalanx. Eliminates painful ground bearing surface of the toe and minimises dorsal compression of the coronary chorion.

INDICATIONS : Symptomatic chronic laminitis, provided the horse can be shod. For moderate to medium lesions: shoeing only. For medium to severe lesions: use in combination with Dondolino (the evening in the box).

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