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Horses’ lifestyles have changed considerably since they were first domesticated...
Few horses live on lush pastures 24/7. Their diets are often poorly suited to their needs and forage is very often rationed. Such conditions have negative effects on all these “unnaturally kept” horses.

Gastric ulcers are very frequent in horses, whether they are used for sport or leisure. Close to 90% of sport horses and up to 10% of pleasure horses are diagnosed with stomach ulcers.
Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) is a complex multifactorial syndrome. There is a strong relationship amongst intense exercise, periods of stress, extended periods of fasting, a high-starch diet, and the risk of gastric ulcers in horses.
The horse’s stomach is divided into two compartments – a non-glandular or “squamous” part and a glandular part. Ulcers can affect both parts with variable intensity (grades 1 through 4).
The clinical signs of gastric ulcers are relatively aspecific, ranging from a drop in performance with poorly developed muscle mass, stunted growth, and a “finicky” appetite to major weight loss, anorexia, and colics of variable intensity (pawing the ground, lying down, and rolling). Unfortunately, these symptoms are not specific to stomach ulcers and the clinical suspicion must be confirmed by a veterinary exam. This exam also identifies the type of ulcer and its grade.
The usual treatment aimed at reducing stomach acidity is long and costly and requires re-assessment of the lesions.

For these horses’ comfort, it is important to inhibit GI acidity, to protect the mucous membrane from acid attack, and to promote the healing process.
As the horse’s well-being is a priority at Kevin Bacon’s, we have developed two healthy and natural feed supplements that are very easily taken up: Stomach-Protek “Speed Action”, which comes in the form of an extremely appetising paste for horses with acute ulcers, and Stomach-Protek “Assist’”, which comes in the form of a powder to mix with the feed for daily use.

Stomach-Protek “Speed Action” and Stomach-Protek “Assist’” may be used​:
- for horses with sensitive stomachs,
- in cases of disturbed digestive function,
- during stressful periods (competitions, transport, and changes in routines),
- if your horse is inexplicably off form,
- if your horse becomes touchy when you tighten the girth,
- if your veterinarian suspects an upset stomach,
- and so on.

If you have any doubts about its utilisation, contact your veterinarian.
Stomach-Protek is not a medication and in no event is it a substitute for necessary medicinal treatment of health issues in horses.

This product has no doping effect and may be used during official competitions.