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Mustad E-nail

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About the product

Mustad E nail

A classic nail
The E nail is a classic Mustad nail that is consistent in its task every single step of the way. This nail is a mainstay of the range and can be used for many different types of horse and horseshoe styles whether used for leisure or for top competition. The E nail fits in all V-crease and plain punched horseshoes and is available in sizes to suit every application.

Product summary
Model : European style, with a rectangular head
Type : E-head
Sizes : E1 (41mm) - E12 (77mm)
Terrain : Turf / Grass / Sand / Synthetic
Activity : Classical dressage / Combined driving / Draft / Draft horse showing / Dressage / Endurance / English pleasure / Eventing / Field hunting / Fox hunting / Icelandic equitation / Leisure / Pleasure riding / Show hunter / Show jumping / Steeplechase / Vaulting / Horse pulling / Riding Pleasure driving / Trail

Good to know
- Biggest range in sizes
- Applicable in many situations
- Flexible, though solid nail
- Easy to apply
! A bit to thick for thinner hoof walls



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