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Pampeano Belt Marcado

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The Marcado is striking by name and striking by nature. Rich tones of inky navy and deep burgundy draw the eye and will mark you out from the crowd. This is a belt that looks particularly good against denim, and will smarten up any pair of jeans, giving a unique edge to such a wardrobe staple.
This is a cooler-toned version of the Audaz polo belt, a bold piece that is perfect for your transitional or winter wardrobe, with the deep red that evokes Autumn leaves and fires in the hearth.
A pampeano polo belt is a piece of South American style that you will be proud to own. Each belt is handcrafted by experts, who spend 4 to 5 hours on every piece, which is also subject to strict quality control and precise attention to detail.
This is irresistible luxury that deserves to be noticed. The Marcado is for the pioneers, the remarkable and the intrepid. For a bespoke belt like no other, request hand-embossed initials on the belt loop, using our personalisation service.
pampeano is a luxury brand for those who value excellence. Your entire shopping experience is important to us, that’s why from the very beginning in central Argentina, each belt is intricately hand stitched and then put through rigorous quality control. When you select your polo belt it is hand-picked and beautifully gift boxed before its arrival. The next stage, and something that we consider the best experience, is when you have your pampeano polo belt in your hands, where you will truly experience the quality and beauty of the product. The wonderful aroma and buttery feel of the leather is the first element that you will notice and the next is the stunning craftsmanship in the stitching. A timeless piece that will last for many years.



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