Pampeano Pampa Hedcollar - Light Pink, Fuchsia and Navy

Pampeano Pampa Hedcollar - Light Pink, Fuchsia And Navy


About the product

Pampa Headcollar - Light Pink, Fuchsia and Navy

At La Pampa Polo we understand that when it comes to polo high quality equipment, such as polo headcollars, that safety and performance is an obligation. We therefore take great responsibility and pride in developing and producing handmade equipment that meets these standard through discerning sizing, materials and design.

We understand horses, which is why we provide room for adjustment for different horses in our leather headcollar sizings for pony and full/cob horses. Keeping your horse in the best possible comfort will allow both rider and mount to concentrate fully on the sport at hand.

Materials and design:
The best equipment starts with getting the basics right, before moving on to the more refined aspects of design. If you don’t start with the best raw materials and make use of the most skilled leather workers, then the finished result will never be of high quality. For that reason we make a point of using the best people we can find, which are in Argentina. Here we’ve found the best tradition and knowledge for this leather work, which we’ve shaped and developed using our understanding of polo.

La Pampa Polo equipment uses the best quality Havana leather, providing not just the essence of quality but also very high performance. This decorative Petalo pattern is based on Argentine traditions. The hand stitchting it employs is a visual reflection of care and craftsmanship it take to produce these leather horse headcollars.

A matching leadrope, belt, dog lead and collar is available. You can also make this equipment even more special personalised debossing, as standard.