Pampeano Pampa Leadrope - Grey and Black

Pampeano Pampa Leadrope - Grey And Black


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Pampa Leadrope - Grey and Black

Black and Grey Lead Rope
This leather lead rein features alternating panels of soft grey and black threads, whose impression on the leather creates the pampa design for which La Pampa Polo is so loved. This design comes from traditional depictions of the troughs and peaks of the Andes Mountains, which create intriguing geometric patterns against the evening sky that are echoed in central South American handcrafts and artwork.

Our lead ropes come in a variety of colour combinations. Each piece is meticulously handwoven so that the wax dipped saddlery threads are sewn tightly onto the leather. This neat, smooth stitching provides a wonderful contrast of textures against our signature Havana Brown leather. The buttery soft yet sturdy quality of our leather makes it perfect for use with active ponies and equestrian pursuits.

The artisanal craftsmanship that goes into our leather equestrian pieces is due to the expertise and local knowledge from the region of La Pampa, where we began as suppliers of premium polo equipment. Here in the heart of South America, the horsemanship is famous throughout the world, from the thriving polo scene to the iconic gaucho cowboys.


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