Haygain® HG 2000

Haygain® Hg 2000


About the product

Haygain HG 2000

Full-bale model is ideal for feeding multiple horses

Haygain High Temperature Hay Steaming supports respiratory, digestive and overall horse health. It is the only scientifically proven method for significantly reducing respirable irritants and allergens commonly found in forage.
Haygain’s patented steaming technology adds moisture to hay, aiding digestion and hydration. Haygain Steaming preserves hay’s nutrients and Steamed Hay’s proven appetite appeal helps even picky eaters get what they need from their most important food source.

Product Description
Please note: you will need 2 different sockets on different 1500 W power circuits
The HG 2000 features two of Haygain’s patented spike manifolds. This system injects high-temperature steam evenly throughout forage in a double-skinned, thermally sealed chest. The steaming process attains and maintains temperatures over 212ºF, which is required to kill mould and bacteria.
This full-bale model is ideal for feeding multiple horses.

Hay Capacity: 88.18lbs of forage in a haynet or loose wedges
Steaming Cycle: Approximately 60 minutes
Steam Generator: Two 1.5kW steam generator
Chest Specifications: Double-skinned and thermally insulated
Additional Features: Easy open lid, wheels and handle
Product Dimensions: L 57inches x W 32inches x H 29inches
Weight: 165lbs (combined weight of hay container and steam generator)

Extras Included
Watering Can
Drip Tray
2 Descaler sachets
Filling Funnel