Haygain® Forager

Haygain® Forager


About the product

The Haygain Forager

Allow your horse to eat as nature intended

As grazing animals, horses have digestive systems that are designed to process forage in small quantities over several hours. The Forager Slow Feeder facilitates this in modern horse management by extending mealtimes without frustrating your horse. More time eating equals less time for boredom behaviours and food scarcity stress, especially for horses on restricted diets.
Prolonged chewing produces saliva that protects the horse’s stomach lining from naturally occurring acids. This helps reduce ulcer risk.
The Forager facilitates eating in a lowered-head position. This allows drainage of respirable particles and natural feeding posture in the jaw, neck and back.
Containing hay off the floor keeps it clean and reduces the waste of forage trampled into bedding, manure and urine.

Product Description
Two interchangeable regulator grids – easy and standard – allow individualization for each horse’s needs or to enable a gradual introduction to slow feeding. The regulator clicks on easily and securely for easy filling. Secured to a metal ring on the outside of the cylinder, the grid stays level as it lowers with forage consumption.
The base of the sturdy, durable Forager can be filled with sand for extra stability and fixing points to secure it to the stable wall if desired.
Designed to allow light and air into the cylinder, the Forager encourages horses to eat as nature intended.
Easy to assemble and break down for cleaning and travel.

Hay Capacity: 26lbs of forage
Additional Features: Fully collapsible to allow for easy cleaning and portability
Product Dimensions: H 28inch x W 28lbs
Weight: 29.98lbs

Extras Included
1 Easy Regulator (White)
1 Standard Regulator (Green)