Cavalor® Podo Guard


Cavalor® Podo Guard


About the product

Cavalor® PodoGuard

Cavalor PodoGuard can be used for cracked hoofs, sensitive hoofs and/or fragile hoofs. It improves the hoof quality and promotes hoof growth. Cavalor PodoGuard creates an optimal moisture balance, thus enabling cracked hooves to repair themselves. The presence of a specific essential oil assures a bacteriostatic effect.

Cavalor PodoGuard combines two oils: a nourishing oil, with active ingredients that are absorbed deep into the hoof, and a unique essential oil for optimum hoof growth, development and quality.

The essential oil also helps inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which results in a healthier hoof

Cavalor PodoGuard creates an ideal moisture content, which helps broken or damaged hooves recover while a new, healthy hoof grows in.

Directions of use:

In a dry environment:
Apply Cavalor®PodoGuard several times a week on a clean and wet hoof to prevent the evaporation of the inner moist or treat cracked hooves.
In a wet environment:
Apply Cavalor ® PodoGuard several times a week on a clean and dry hoof.

Caution: for external use only

Storage tip :
Store in a dry, cool place and keep out of reach of children


KD 6.00
KD 6.00