Officinalis Super Arti Gel


Officinalis Super Arti Gel


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Joints, Tendons, Muscle Bands, Hot Effect

Gel with a heating effect and water repellent. It contains arnica, essential oil of cloves, arnica, rosemary, thyme and sage. Ideal in winter.

water Horsetail extract rich in silica, Arnica Montana, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Devil's Claw, Cloves Essential Oil, Xanthan Gum, Vitamin E, Rosemary Essential Oil, Extracts of Thyme and Sage, Extracts of Blackcurrant leaf, preservative system. Innovative in its components and formulation. It combines and enhances the synergistic effect of 3 plants: ARNICA, Devil’s Claw and BOSWELLIA in synergy with the brand new ORGANIC SILICE.

this effect is very important and useful in the winter. If smeared on the joints (in rains or humid weather), it prevents water from washing off product and creates a slight heating effect. In fact Cold and humidity increase joint pain.

Organic silicon is present in certain plants and in the skins of some seeds and it can be assimilated by the body, unlike mineral silica, which is present in large quantities in the soils but that cannot be assimilate. Organic silicon forms in some plants through their roots which absorb from the soil alkali salts of the silica acid forming two types of silica, soluble and insoluble. The water-soluble silica is easily assimilated both when ingested and through the skin. Organic silica does not have is present in the human body as well as in bodies of horse and it is found in greater concentration in the tendons and arteries. No longer young athletic horse, foals, have a greater need for silica, while often ‘stable diets’ farm-grown hays and industrial feed, with a rather limited content of the much needed silica. Hard-workings horse tend to over work their Joints and that wears off the cartilage and increases the arthritic disease, it has been shown that feeding organic silica to animals with bone and cartilage problems accelerates the healing process considerably (Kervran 1975).
Organic silica promotes the production of elastin and collagen. Studies have shown that it slows the ageing process of elastic fibers (Dictionary of medicinal plants and herbal medicine Dr. Campanini). Organic silica in this gel is water-soluble. it penetrates the epidermis where it becomes active.

Apply to the affected area and massage well. Only for external use.


KD 8.90
KD 8.90
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