Prequine® Ostenil Tendon 40 mg


Prequine® Ostenil Tendon 40 mg


About the product


1 ml contains:
Sodium hyaluronate and sodium chloride20 mg
Disodium phosphate, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate,
mannitol and water for injections.

Ostenil Tendon is a transparent solution of natural and highly purified sodium hyaluronate obtained by fermentation and is devoid of animal protein. Ostenil Tendon also contains mannitol, a free radical scavenger, which helps to stabilise the chains of sodium hyaluronate. Because of its lubricating and viscoelastic properties Ostenil Tendon promotes tendon gliding and the physiological repair process. In addition, due to its macromolecular meshwork Ostenil Tendon reduces the free passage of inflammatory cells and molecules.

For the treatment of pain and restricted mobility in tendon disorders. A tendon is a strong structure of fibrous connective tissue designed to transmit forces from muscle to bone and resist load during muscle contraction. Tendons may be surrounded by different structures; fibrous bands, synovial sheaths, peritendon sheaths, tendon bursae. Overuse or inappropriate biomechanical stress may cause inflammation and/or degenerative changes of the tendon, leading to pain and loss of function. Lubricating the tendon could reduce pain, improve tendon function and reduce the potential for adhesions.

Dosage and administration:
Inject Ostenil Tendon around the affected tendon or into the affected tendon sheath once a week for a total of 2 injections. Several tendons may be treated at the same time. Repeat treatments may be administered as required.

Adverse Reactions:
Local secondary phenomena such as pain, feeling of heat, bruising, redness and swelling may occur following treatment.

Caution should be exercised in patients with known hypersensitivity to medicinal products. The general precautions for peritendinous and intrasheath injections should be observed. Ostenil Tendon should be instilled accurately into the tendon sheath or around the affected tendon, if necessary under imaging control. Avoid nerve lesions and injections into blood vessels!

Ostenil Tendon should not be used in patients with ascertained hypersensitivity to one of its constituents.

Treatment with sodium hyaluronate of children, pregnant and lactating women is not recommended.

Store at 2 – 25°C. Any solution not used immediately after opening must be discarded.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.


One prefilled syringe of 40 mg / 2 ml in a sterile pack.

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