Officinalis LollyFlower Strawberries, Carob and Mallow

Officinalis Lollyflower Strawberries, Carob And Mallow


About the product

Strawberries, carob and mallow

Mineral feed for horses
Lollyroll is a salt roll created to satisfy the nutritional and mineral needs of horses. It is both salty and sweet, because it contains sea salt and pieces of fruit.
Lollyroll Holder is a flower shaped salt lick holder especially designed for Officinalis "Lollyroll" blocks. It can be affixed to the walls of the stable or when hung with 2 ropes, it turns into stress-reducing fun for the horse but always pay attention to installation so that the horse cannot get injured while playing. It is easy to assemble and clean and each flower is delivered with 2 ropes and 1 roll shaped salt block.

Composition : Sodium chloride (Italian integral sea salt), Bis-dihydrogen calcium phosphate, Magnesium oxide, Cane molasses, Red beet, Carob (1%), Mallow (0.5%), Strawberry (0 , 1%).

Strawberries : Strawberries are sweet and rich in anti-oxidants; carob has a pleasant taste and is rich in fructose and carubin. The active ingredients of mallow have soothing and emollient properties on the digestive tract.
Carrube : Cultivated in Italy, in the magnificent Sicily, in the province of Syracuse, a few kilometers from the blue sea are cultivated these carobs, sweet and beloved by horses. Carob is rich in fructose and carob.

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