Officinalis Ice Gel Mint 90%

Officinalis Ice Gel Mint 90%


About the product

Ice Gel Mint 90%

Officinalis Ice Gel for horses is a natural product based on officinal herbs with anti-fatigue and anti-inflammatory effect.

Features : These components are mostly used in case of ptysical trauma, to avoid the development of haematoma, swellings and pain in the libs of the horse. In particular Arnica, with astringent effect, stimulates blood circolation having a beneficiary effect on the muscle and articulations exposed to intense labour. The devil’s claw has an antiinflammatory and analgesic effect. The essential oils of sage and thyme are used for their re-energising and reinforcing actions. Mint is added because of its antiseptic and anaestetic effect.

Use and doses :
Gel Ice is helpful in the following situations:
- after an intensive training in order to relieve tension and pain in inflammated limbs ;
- in case of physical trauma, tendinitis, bursitis and sprains.

Ingredients :
- Arnica Montana, that stimulates blood circulation and produces a salutary effect on the muscles and joints subjected to intense work.
- Mentolo, used for its antiseptic and anaestetic effect
- Essential oils of Thyme and Sage, with fortifying effects and able to reduce the feeling of fatigue.
- Devil's Claw

Size :

500 ml

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