Cxevalo Cooling Shampoo

Cxevalo Cooling Shampoo


حول المنتج


Gentle cleansing with a cooling effect
-  sustained cooling effect
-  gentle to the skin
-  nurturing

Our cooling shampoo made out of natural plantbased soap is moisturizing and perfectly adjusted to the pH value of the horseskin. Here we use the natural power of mint oil which ensures a mild and longlasting cooling effect even after drying. Perfect for sport horses and horeses suffering from sweet itch, itching and similar symptoms. Also beneficial for cleaning troubled hooves.
Free from alcohol (ethanol).

!Attention natural product! Please store at room temperature. The plantbased soap may forms crystals if stored too cool. In this case, put the bottle in warm water (max 40 degrees) until the shampoo is clear and liquid again. The high quality of the product remains unaffected by this process.

-  moisten your horse's coat, mane, tail or whichever part you're shampooing
-  mix the shampoo with some water and work into a thick lather using your hands or a bowl
- massage evenly into the parts of your horse's body you want to wash – you may need a sponge or a washing glove
-  carefully rinse off shampoo
IMPORTANT: the amount of foam the shampoo makes depends on how dirty your horse is. If your horse is quite dirty, simply shampoo him or her again.

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