Global Medics Vital+ 3kg

Global Medics Vital+ 3kg


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When areas are formed with cartilage of poor quality, this can lead to joint inflammation and in some cases loose fragments (OCD) with joint damage and, in the long-term, arthritis. The origin of the condition is multifactorial. Genetic predisposition, strain but also nutrition play a significant role. A sufficient supply of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium is essential for good bone development. In addition to these minerals, trace elements such as copper and zinc also play a vital role. To give your foals a good start in life it is important to ensure that already with the pregnant mare these elements are present in sufficient quantities for the proper development of the foetus and later for high-quality milk production. In adults and senior horses Vital + improves general health, coat and hoof quality and immunity. Vital + is a high-dose and balanced vitamin and mineral product suitable both for foals and adult horses.

When is Vital + used?
-In foals for good development of the skeleton
-In pregnant mares for high-quality milk production and support for general health
-In senior horses for improving vitality and strengthening immunity
-In sports horses

As stated above, Vital + contains calcium, magnesium and phosphorus to support the skeleton. It is important that these minerals are supplied in the right proportions. Vital + is fully-balanced and safe to use in both foals and mares. As well as minerals it also contains copper. Copper is an essential building block for the production and repair of bone and cartilage. The presence of biotin improves the quality of the coat and hooves.

Due to the presence of vitamins C and E and the necessary B vitamins, Vital + increases resistance and vitality. The added (essential) amino acids also have a positive effect on general health and immunity. Vital + also contains electrolytes which both sports and recreation horses require on physical exertion.

1 x 20 g [1 oz] scoop per horse per day mixed in with the feed, 3kg [6 lb 10 oz]: 150-day course of treatment o, 1kg [2 lb 3 oz]: 50-day course of treatment
1 x 10 g [½ oz] scoop per foal per day mixed in with the feed, 3kg [6 lb 10 oz]: 300-day course of treatment o, 1kg [2 lb 3 oz]: 100-day course of treatment

3kg [6 lb 10 oz] bucket

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