Antares Stud Girth Liner Sheep Skin

Antares Stud Girth Liner Sheep Skin

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Stud girth liner

Hypoallergenic, the synthetic sheepskin girth liner is compatible with our belly stud girth. Attachment is easy with the Velcro system. The sheepskin lining allows a very soft contact and avoids the irritations can be caused by the classic girth.

Sheepskin horse tack benefits
Sheepskin’s greatest asset is its shock absorbing qualities. It deforms to easily deal with impacts for more even pressure distribution. Soft to the touch, it prevents repetitive rubbing and any resulting skin irritation for horses with highly sensitive skins.

Find all the benefits of sheepskin lining on our blog post.

Why choose synthetic sheepskin horse tack?
We offer high quality, hypoallergenic, synthetic sheep products to suit all horses. The suede base allows air to circulate for a breathable lining so your horse’s skin won’t become irritated or damaged by overheating when using the equipment.

Synthetic Sheepskin liner Compatibility
The sheepskin girth liner is only compatible with new generation girths with Velcro backing, such as the classic stud girth and the Signature stud girth.

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