Kentucky Sheepskin Stud Girth Cover

Kentucky Sheepskin Stud Girth Cover

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Sheepskin Stud Girth Cover 

Our Sheepskin Girth Cover allows you to wash or replace the sheepskin on your Sheepskin Stud Girth.
- 100% animal friendly (artificial sheepskin)
- Held in place by strong Velcro
- Fits our Sheepskin Stud Girth

What’s Special
Our Sheepskin Stud Girth Cover allows you to wash or replace the sheepskin on the Sheepskin stud girth. Held in position by strong Velcro straps, the artificial sheepskin is animal-friendly and easy to maintain.

Fabrics & Materials
In line with our animal-friendly policy, the sheepskin we use on our products is artificial. Our breathable products let the air pass through the fabrics they use in order for the horse not to be overheated by its equipment and protections.

Shape & Size
The Sheepskin Stud Girth Cover is available in 115 cm, 120 cm, 125 cm, 130cm, 135 cm, 140 cm and 145 cm.

Care Guide
Machine Washable
Most of our products are machine washable at 30 degrees. However, we recommend washing it as infrequently as possible and using our protective washing bags in order to maintain quality over the long term. We also recommend using professional machines (larger capacity) to limit damage due to the drum of the normal washing machine. To dry it, simply put it outside on a sunny day. The cover cannot be put in the dryer. 

Washing Instructions
Wash at 30°C



As low as د.ك.‏28٫250