Kentucky Sheepskin Stud Girth Special

Kentucky Sheepskin Stud Girth Special

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Sheepskin Stud Girth Special 

In addition to the wide protective plate, the Sheepskin Stud Girth Special is anatomically shaped, offering comfort and safety when jumping while limiting the risk of injuries caused by horseshoes or studs. Specially shaped to follow the horse’s natural movement, it relieves the shoulders and elbows. The Sheepskin Stud Girth Special features a PVC "basketball" design that gives it a very original and different look. It features an EVA protective inner, elastics on both ends to equalize pressure as well as three D-rings to accommodate schooling equipment and a buckle to attach the breastplate to the girth. The elastics are strong and stay firm as they are three double made.

This girth is made out of artificial sheepskin and leather. The artificial sheepskin offers excellent cushioning against sensitive skin. Thanks to the Velcro on the other side of the sheepskin cover, it can be easily taken off and changed. The artificial leather doesn’t take in any dirt, sweat or water and is therefore more durable. Moreover, it does not change color or get damaged easily. Artificial leather and sheepskin are easy to maintain as they are specially made to sustain the washing machine at 30° (no dryer).

- PVC “basketball" design
- EVA protective inner
- Strong three double elastics
- Sheepskin cover attached by strong Velcro 

Specifications Arrow
Measurements : Width 400mm, Height 100mm, Length 1400mm
Weight : 1.58kg
Material : Vegan Leather, Vegan Sheepskin
Discipline : Jumping
Use : Shows, Training
Breathable : Yes
Soft for the Skin : Yes
Easy Cleaning :    Yes
Long Lasting : Yes

Washing Instructions Arrow
- No dryer
- Tack Cleaner
- Wash at 30°C



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