MSD Bykahepar® INJ.

Msd Bykahepar® Inj.


حول المنتج


A reliable digestive stimulant for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, dogs and cats.

Composition :
Each 1 ml contains Clanobutin sodium 106.4 mg

Indications :
1. Cattle, sheep and goats :
I. Primary indigestion
 A.  After overfeeding particularly with easily digestible carbohydrates (ruminal acidosis)
B.  With contaminated and spoilt food (ruminal breakdown)
C.  And as a result of rapid changes in diet.
D.  Overloading of the rumen.
E.  Distension of the rumen
F.  Conistipation
II) Secondary indigestion
A.  Post-operative use to restore normal digestion
B.  Energy metabolic disorders (acetonaemia in cows , pregnancy toxaemia in ewes)
C.  Stimulation of hepatic function by promoting the bile secretion (therapy aimed at protecting the liver)

2. Horses :
A. Indigestion after overfeeding with high protein feed or oats
B. Conistipation
C. Intestinal atony
D. Gas colic
E. Feed intoxication
F. Stimulation of hepatic function by promoting the bile secretion

3. Dogs :
A. Indigestion of all kinds
B. Constipation
C. Intestinal atony
D. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
E. Stimulation of hepatic function by promoting the bile secretion.

1. Acute pancreatitis
2. Biliary tract occlusion
3. Intestinal occlusion

Interactions with other drugs
None known

Dosage and administration :
Generally 10 – 20 mg / kg (1 – 2 ml /10 kg bwt.)
1. Cattle : 10 to 40 ml I/V or I/M
2. Calves : 3 to 15 ml S/C , I/V or I/M
3. Sheep & Goats : 3 to 6 ml S/C , I/V or I/M
4. Horses : 10 to 30 ml I/V
5. Dogs : 1 to 8 ml S/C or I/M

- Depending on the progress of illness
- The treatment can be repeated with half the specified dose after 12 hours or with full dose from 24 hours up to 7 days.

Withdrawal time

Pack size :
100 ml multidose vial with rubber stopper

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