Pampeano Pampa Leadrope - Navy and Royal Blue

Pampeano Pampa Leadrope - Navy And Royal Blue


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Pampa Leadrope - Navy and Royal Blue

Beautifully coordinating blue saddlery threads make up the stitching on this pampa leadrope. Traditional depictions of the troughs and peaks of the Andes mountains are what still inspires artists to create these geometric patterns, made from pampa diamonds. We love to use the beauty and strength of natural materials to create the best possible results for both rider and pony.

The neat stitching on our pampa bridle parts is of a quality that can only be achieved by hand. From the buttery soft, vegetable tanned leather to the richly coloured, wax-dipped threads, each piece is a result of expert craftsmanship that arose from the land of polo in the very heart of Argentina.

Each leather lead rein in our tack collection is available with a matching headcollar and these can be purchased as a set. Other colours are available for those who like to mix and match, with blue and cream, pink and navy and gorgeous browns.