Pampeano Pampa Leadrope - Orange and Navy

Pampeano Pampa Leadrope - Orange And Navy


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Pampa Leadrope - Orange and Navy

At La Pampa Polo we aim to provide the best quality materials and equipment for polo players, such as this Havana leather lead rope. This product uses only the best materials, techniques and craftsman from the Pampa region of Argentina, where commitment to these things is a way of life.

This Audaz pattern in orange and navy, references its origins through the Pampa diamonds hand stitched into the leather of the belt. The attention to detail that goes into the making of these leadropes even extends to the materials used for these threads, which are traditionally dyed, before being wax dipped then sewn into the belt. This extra touch helps make this lead rope easy to clean with just a little soap and water.

By focusing on design and materials, we aim to provide you with a quality investment, for both long and short term. The raw material, Havana leather, is exceptionally hard wearing, meaning it is suitable for long term use and can provide a stronger and more reliable service than lesser leadropes made from lesser materials.

This leadrope is a top piece of equipment that we have curated as part of the Audaz collection, allowing you to personalise your equipment, providing a sense of ownership aheadcnd identity. You can coordinate your polo gear with other Audaz patterned items in our ranges of polo equipment and polo belts. A matching Audaz headcollar is a natural partner to this leadrope. This pattern is also available as a polo belt and dog access, all in high quality leather.

This item comes with optional, complimentary, personalised debossing. The length is 291cm.