Sticky Trap Horse Fly Trap Glue

Sticky Trap Horse Fly Trap Glue

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Sticky Trap bite traps glue

STICKY-TRAP naturally catches, without the use of pesticides, meshes, hornets, gorse, blind mosquitoes, horse flies and other blood-sucking insects.
STICKY-TRAP down-traps glue is entirely Eco-friendly, and helps you tackle the pest quickly, leaving you and your animals free of nuisance.

Sticky Trap bait traps glue has been specially developed for catching bait, hornets, stable flies and other harmful and corrosive insects around people, horses and cattle in a natural way without the use of pesticides. Sticky Trap down trap glue is made from natural minerals, has a light brown color, remains sticky for a longer period of time (up to 20 weeks) and does not attract spraying insects such as bumble bees, bees and butterflies.
Sticky Trap has an adhesive power that is specially designed for catching small biting insects and is safe for others (humans and animals). We also recommend hanging out of reach.

Apply the Sticky Trap glue thin (1-2 mm) on the object with a paint brush or spatula. Traps can be made from different materials, plastic is the most suitable. We recommend a black bucket for corrosive gnats (horse flies). Hang it upside down (without handle) in an open space so that it can move in the wind and become warm by the sun and thus attracts the mesh. In barns, white buckets, milk cartons and similar products can be used to catch stable flies. Buckets can be easily cleaned with a putty knife and used year after year.
- The only real glue for making fly traps.
- Economical in use, free from pesticides and a responsible choice.
- With 1.5 liters you can prepare no fewer than 30 bait traps!
- Unlimited shelf life (close lid properly)
- You can easily clean the used buckets with a putty knife and you can use them again year after year.
- Rain & weather resistant up to 22 weeks.
- Safe for others (humans and animals)
- Bees, butterflies & other important insects are not attracted to the Sticky Trap.

Packaging : 0.5L, 1.5L & 3.5L



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