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Healing and supporting general health of horses
MSM is the abbreviation for methylsulphonylmethane, which is naturally rich in sulphur.
Sulphur is important for the production of collagen and keratin.
The production of collagen and keratin is essential for flexible cell walls and flexible connections between cells. In short, it is important for the general health of your horse.
Many of our competitors mixing MSM with cheaper raw materials such as flavoring agents etc.
Our MSM is 100% pure without any additives for optimum performance!

What if there is a sulphur deficiency?
If your horse has a sulphur deficiency, the following symptoms may present themselves:
-  Reduced fitness
-  Poor recovery from effort or illness
-  Poor horn quality (hooves)
-  Skin conditions
-  Airway disorders
-  Allergic reactions in the skin and airways
-  Joint or tendon issues

What are the benefits of MSM dietary supplements?
1. Improved blood circulation
This is important for transporting both nutrients and waste.
As a result, MSM improves the body’s ability to resist infections.
There should also be a considerable drop in allergic reactions.
2. Skin condition
If damaged skin does not contain enough sulphur, new cells will be less flexible. As a result, there is a greater chance of scarring, bald patches and permanent weak skin.
3. Healthier hooves
The horn mainly consists of keratin. As noted above, MSM stimulates its production in the body.
4. Faster recovery times for muscles, ligaments and tendons
An injured horse will need sulphur to repair damaged cells and grow new cells.
Horses in training will need sulphur for growing new cells; MSM supplements will reduce the chance of injury.
Older horses can also benefit from MSM dietary supplements.

30 gr./day
After 14 days 15 gr./day

Crude protein 0%
Crude fats 0%
Crude fibre 0%
Crude ash 0.10%
Sodium 0.2%

Methylsulfonylmethane 1000mg/kg

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