Equine America Like Ice

Equine America Like Ice

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Like Ice Natural Clay

Like Ice Natural Clay helps with cooling after exercise.
- Cools Tired Legs
- Supports Tendons
- Aloe Vera

Perfect for cooling tired legs and supporting tendons.

Ingredients & Nutrition
Sorboplex™, the special ingredient in Like Ice, begins working on contact to tighten and cool hot, tired legs after strenuous exercise. The Kaolin base cools the leg, while Aloe Vera and Melaleuca soothes and moisturises. Like Ice washes off easily, making it ideal for the busy yard.

Directions For Use
Clean the desired area of any other applications. Apply a layer of Like Ice one centimetre thick over the intended area. Wrap the preparation with moist brown paper, or cling film. Cover with a cotton bandage. Leave on for up to twelve hours, then wash or hose thoroughly. Repeat as required.

Brand. Equine America


As low as د.ك.‏8٫500