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Global Medics Arti-sport

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Arti-Sport is a completely doping-free, balanced supplement for obtaining more flexible joints. It is dual action: on the one hand it contains many ingredients for maintaining the cartilage and lubricating the joints, on the other hand it has a soothing action on the whole of the locomotor system.
-When is Arti-Sport used?
-In periods when the locomotor system is under a heavy load
-During the competition season because of its doping-free composition
-Chronic cartilage damage
-During and after recovery from injuries
-After orthopaedic surgery (horses from which OCD fragments are removed from the joint)
-Preventively in sport horses that make strenuous efforts
-Horses with a stiff back or stiff gait
-Horses with a delicate locomotor system

Arti-Sport contains among other things a high dose of pure type II collagen, unlike the less expensive type I collagen (derived from among other things skin, tendons and bones) which are found in many external products. Our type II collagen has been purified from animal cartilage and therefore precisely meets the needs of the cartilage.
Arti-Sport contains a very high dose of chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid in order to provide nutrients for the cartilage and to support the shock-absorbing action of joint fluid. Also, Arti-Sport is rich in minerals, trace elements (Manganese, Selenium, Zinc) and antioxidants (MSM, vitamin C, vitamin E) which make an important contribution in the development of cartilage, bones, joint fluid etc.
Boswellia serrata (a herb) and Cetyl myristoleate (Ω5 fatty acid) have been added because of their soothing action on the locomotor system. In sport horses these two ingredients help to provide alleviation in periods of high stress on the joints.
Arti-Sport has been developed with the aim of offering a complete solution for the most commonly occurring problems in equestrian sport. The benefit of this product can be seen very quickly due to the high-dose composition. This dose is needed in order to be able to guarantee that the nutrients are absorbed effectively into the blood.

2.7 kg [5 lb 15 oz] bucket – 90-day course of treatment
1 kg [2 lb 3 oz] bucket – 33-day course of treatment

1 scoop (30g) [1 oz] per horse per day mixed in with the feed.



As low as د.ك.‏74٫900