Unika Tendon Gel

Unika Tendon Gel


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Unika Tendon Gel

Tendon Gel is Unika’s last revolutionary idea in the field of gels for joints and tendons. Tendon Gel is a ground-braking Arnica montana-based gel that combines arnica’s properties and ozonated sunflower oil, thus helping maintain horses’ joints and, in particular, horses’ tendons physiological well-being. Thanks to its ingredient synergic action, Tendon Gel is a valuable ally for all sport horses, both during competitions and training. Easy to apply, it leaves no residue.

When to use Tendon Gel

Use Tendon Gel:
• before leaving for a transport/trip to maintain horses’ articular well-being
• as a massage gel, if you are a veterinary osteopath, massage therapist or chiropractor
• for tendon recovery after training
• for joint recovery after competitions

Properties of its constituents

Both ozonated sunflower oil and Arnica montana have beneficial effects on joints. Ozonated oil provides ozone, which is incorporated into vegetable oil. Ozonated oil stimulates tissues to better respond to mechanical stress, thus helping joint recovery after intense work.
Arnica montana, which is well-known both in traditional medicine and phytotherapy for its exceptional properties, supports articular response to mechanical stress.

Instructions for use:

Apply Tendon Gel on joints and massage until complete absorption. Applying a dressing after absorption may be considered according to usual daily habits and to horses’ specific needs.

(Since each horse’s body has its own peculiarities, it is suggested to apply a small quantity on a small area first).

Size: 500G

Brand. Unika
Special Price د.ك.‏5٫500 Regular Price د.ك.‏11٫000